Behaviour change techniques: A piece of cake?

Check out the latest comment from Prof Jeremy Wyatt on our BCTs and cake blog!

NUIG Health Psychology Blog

Researchers in UCL have developed a reliable method that provides psychologists with an agreed language to report the content of their interventions, that is, their ‘active ingredients’. Behaviour change techniques (BCTs) are the smallest components of behaviour change interventions that on their own in favourable circumstances can bring about change. The Behaviour Change Technique Taxonomy project (2010-2013), funded by the UK’s Medical Research Council led to the development of a consensually agreed, reliable taxonomy of 93 BCTs that can be used across behaviours, disciplines and areas of interest (e.g. health, the environment).

Recently Eimear Morrissey and Teresa Corbett attended a conference that led to a discussion about the concept of behaviour change techniques (BCTs). Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 14.17.31They were eating cake at the time and so, what emerged was an intricate metaphor of their understanding of what BCTs are and why it is important to recognize key ingredients in behavior change interventions.


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